LB Process provides proper water treatment services in order to reduce potential health risks when the public is exposed to recycled wastewater.

We promote the usage of treated recycled water for multiple purposes including private, government & commercial irrigation and thus replacing the current use of water suitable for drinking. And our treatment process produces a high quality of reclaimed water, which is uncontaminated and hazardless when exposed in public areas.

A useful advantage of our biological water treatment system is the ability to deliver reclaimed wastewater and sludge without using harmful chemicals or additional bacteria. And our plant operation procedures are designed to be cost effective minimizing workforce as it implements its own automated patented process.

The design, capability and technology of our treatment plants are adaptable to the specific requirements of our clients without reducing the utmost quality of water results. LB Process has the technical ability to design and build industrial, government, commercial, resorts, medical, public and residential water treatment plants.

We offer constant communication and full technical support to our clients from the start of the project.

We are pleased to personally assist your upcoming project.

Our patented process which has been designated as “extended simplified water aeration” delivers the removal of up to 99% of organic waste.


LB Procesos Ambientales S.A. de C.V. is a company based in Hermosillo, the capital city of the Mexican state of Sonora, which is located just south of Arizona’s border. We are lead by engineer Heriberto Laguna Garcia, who has acquired more than 20 years of experience in the development of industrial projects, architectural design, construction, project management and training operations of wastewater treatment plants. We have the technical capacity to build industrial, commercial, golf course, medical, school and residential treatment plants. Our team has worked for more than 140 wastewater treatment plants throughout the nation including diverse development projects.

On July 7th, 2014 engineer Heriberto Laguna Garcia obtained the patent #322360 for plant design and water treatment processing of  wastewaters and sewage sludge. The patent includes the unique water system and the 100% bio-friendly process, which generates no odor and produces less sewage sludge reaching a world class standard of quality water that exceeds the standards of Mexico’s national CONAGUA institution.
(NOM 001-SEMARNAT-1996, NOM-003 SEMARNAT-1997 for direct contact and NOM 004 SEMARNAT 2002 for residual Class A & B)