PTAR Costa Rica

Project promoted by Junta municipal de agua potable y alcantarillado de Culiacán (JAPAC)

Costa Rica, located south of Culiacan, is one of the most successful receiverships in the municipality, its agro-industrial, livestock and service industries are important factors.

The project emerges from the need to treat wastewater in the City of Costa Rica, Receivership of the Municipality of Culiacán, Sinaloa in order to comply with the current official regulations and sanitize the environment by eliminating health risks.   The treated wastewater is mainly used in agricultural irrigation and sanitation aids in the lagoon Chiricahueto.

Through the simplified extended aeration process, in which the biological nutrient removal is effected, it eliminates the contaminating waste into the drain called Capomitos that previously convey with the wastewater of the City of Costa Rica without treatment and discharged into the lagoon Chiricahueto.

The plant has technological innovations for water disinfection with sodium hypochlorite produced on site through the electrolysis of salt, thereby obtaining lower operating costs and lower operating and environmental risks compared with conventionally used products and specifically chlorine gas.